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Meeting with the Project Director of USAID (PLGP), Mr. Peter Clavelle

The Executive Director of the ASCS, Mr. Rudi Bobrati, together with the Head of the Sector of the Administration of Strategic Grants and Regional Development, Mr. Isak Bilalli, met on 30.05.2012, the Director of the new 5-year Program of USAID, for Local Planning and Governance in Albania (PLGP).

The Director of the Project of USAID (PLGP), Mr. Peter Clavelle presented an overview of the work that USAID has done since 1992, stressing among others, the financial assistance in many fields that turns out to be more than $ 500 million for the support of the development and strengthening of democracy in Albania.

The particular focus of Mr. Clavelle overview were four components of the program, which will be implemented during the following 5 years, namely: the support for the Albanian Government to implement effective policies and decentralization; the improvement of local governance; the improvement of the management of local services, and the assistance for central and local level for the administration and urban planning.

Challenge but also the key to achieving the foreseen objectives, still remains the engagement and participation of civil society in these very important processes, which, will necessarily result in the enhanced quality of services, that the local authorities and central government are called upon to provide to citizens; this was the common conclusion of general observations by the two interlocutors.

Mr. Bobrati noted the role of civil society and introduced to Mr. Clavelle the history of the creation of ASCS, and also expressed the need to take advantage of the specific practices of USAID in managing issues related to the strengthening of the role of civil society.

Also, Mr. Bobrati expressed his admiration for all USAID programs including PLGP, too, which have had and continue to have as their common goal the promotion of civil society. Mr. Bobrati presented the current challenges of the civil society, which will hopefully be mitigated thanks to concrete cooperation that these two agencies are expected to have in the near future. The Civil Engagement expert of PLGP project, Laureta Memo, underlined the importance of cooperation that is expected to be materialized with concrete joint initiatives and projects.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff