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The Fair of the creative ideas for better governance and accountability in Albania

Tirana, 21 June 2012

Invited in the Fair of the creative ideas organized in Albania on 21 June 2012 by the Office of the World Bank and the British Council in Tirana, the Agency for the support of Civil Society was represented by the Executive Director, Mr. Rudi Bobrati.

The organizers of this Fair, Mrs. Ksenia Lvovsky, World Bank manager for Albania and the UK Ambassador, Mr. Nicholas Cannon, explained to the participants the incentives of this competitive program for grants.

They presented projects that besides a number of groups and individuals they also include civil society groups and academic institutions, where the main focus of these projects remain good governance and accountability.

On behalf of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society, the Executive Director, in his speech on the role of Civil Society in Albania, amongst others, described the history of the creation and the experience that the Agency has created in its three calls launched so far.

During the period 2010 onwards, that is the beginning of its operation until December 2011, this Agency in the framework of an open and transparent competition according to the criteria defined by the law, that is only during a period of 1 year and a half, has funded a total number of 152 projects, evaluated and selected according to their compatibility with the priorities and goals of the program which they were proposed about, the candidate's skills and the effectiveness of their activities in terms of costs and outcomes.

The main priorities for our Agency has been a more efficient distribution of projects throughout the territory of Albania and the transparency in the evaluation and selection of projects, said Mr. Bobrati, adding that in our three calls, a total number of 430 projects were submitted and the total value of 152 winning project is over 1 million 970 thousand Euros.

Agency for the Support of Civil Society is growing, strengthening and constantly maturating to carry out its noble mission, that is the support to the third sector in Albania, ended the Executive Director Mr. Bobrati.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff