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Sector of the Development of Programs, International Cooperation and Communication of ASCS elaborates on specifics for non-profit organizations on the reform of the Law Nr. 8788 at a round table organized by the Soros Foundation and the Ministry of Justice

Tirana, 01 October 2012

On 01 October 2012, the Head of the Sector of the Development of Programs, International Cooperation and Communication, Mr. Aurel Laçi and Finance Specialist Mr. Endrit Pollo, participated in a meeting organized by the Soros Foundation and the Ministry of Justice in Hotel Rogner, in the round table for the presentation and discussion of reform of the Law Nr. 8788 dated 07.05.2001 "On Non-Profit Organizations," as amended ". The Working Group established by the Minister of Justice, under the direction of the Deputy Minister of Justice Ms. Brikena Kasmi, presented a draft bill that brings some changes to the Law "On Non-Profit Organizations" as amended, in order to reflect the requirements of FATF Recommendation 8.

In this round table discussion, representatives of ASCS presented the contributions generated by previous experience of the Institution regarding its support to NGOs. Despite suggestions, comments and various disputes that were made by the representatives of various NGOs to the draft bill presented by the panel, it was finally agreed that the Ministry of Justice would include the necessary legal improvements into the reform undertaken in the field of non-profit organizations. In this context, the representatives of the ASCS gave suggestions and recommendations for improvements in certain articles of the draft bill, and offered concrete assistance to the participants for the clarification and interpretation of some organizational and legal aspects that affect the status of responsibility of NGOs during their activities in connection with the Tax Authorities, and other public institutions. The value of these contributions in regard to legal improvements was noted by the Deputy. Justice Minister Mrs. Brikena Kasmi, who asked the ASCS representatives to draft them in the form of a package and sent them officially to the Ministry of Justice, in order to be integrated into the final text of the draft bill.

While Soros Foundation representative at this meeting, assessed the extent of quality improvements that brought the ASCS in the discussions in the context of legal reform for non-profit organizations, underscoring the need for the expansion and retention of sustainable cooperation between the parties in initiatives that affect sustainable development and capacity building of civil society in the country.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff