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Executive Director Rudi Bobrati distributes certificates following a training on anti-corruption monitoring for print and electronic media journalists, a project supported by ASCS

Tirana, 12 December 2012

The Executive Director of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS) Rudi Bobrati, took part in the ceremony of the distribution of certificates following a training on anti-corruption monitoring for print and electronic media journalists.

About 15 journalists from various media attended for two consecutive days training with the theme: "Anti Corruption monitoring techniques and objectives in public administration", conducted by the Center for Transparency and Free Information (CTFI), part of a project funded by the ASCS.

The training took place at the premises of the Albanian Media Institute. Known experts of anti-corruption issues and of the media in Tirana, shared with reporters their experience and expertise, addressing topics such as Anti-corruption strategy of the government- from media perspective; Anti-corruption strategy of the government - where is the news; Transparency of government decisions and public institutions-why does media need them; Law on the right of information – how to get the news from the public administration, etc.

Director Bobrati, while handing himself the certificates to some of the reporters at the event, said that this is one of the ASCS contributions in the fight against corruption. He praised the training and the issues that were discussed during two days. "I'm excited to be here today among journalists, also of the fact that until a few years ago I was like you, a BBC journalist in London. I feel happy and I am confident that we have provided assistance to you, journalists so that you can better serve the public interest, in order to fight corruption and increase transparency of public institutions ", said Bobrati among other things.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff