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The next training sessions held in Fier and Shkodra for the NGOs on the procedures for filling in correctly the application form of the call of proposal

On 29 and 31 January 2013 were held in the respective cities of Fier and Shkodra, where participated NGOs from different areas of South and North regions of Albania as part of the training sessions on the procedures for filling in correctly the application form of the call of proposal. Active NGOs, present in these sessions, discussed with the team of the ASCS regarding the specifics and difficulties that have faced with filling in the application form.

ASCS representatives such as specialists from fields of finance, project development and legal experts, presented an analytical overview of where NGOs mainly encountered problems in filling in the application form during the first three calls and addressing the respective solutions. In the wake of this analysis were presented instructions and appropriate ways for filling in application form.

Present NGOs' representatives addressed a number of issues of different nature, such as the eligibility of specific activities, drafting and structuring the compatible financial table with specific activities or sustainability and effectiveness of projects, issues that were discussed one by one in these training sessions, to which the ASCS team gave adequate explanations and solutions.

Head of training, Ms. Iris Beleraj during the explanations, stressed that the purpose of the training session itself is the mobilization of civil society organizations from all around country, with a focus on rural areas in order to compete with qualitative projects, in order to narrow the differences between NGOs from urban areas, which are actually more powerful in resources and capacities.

At the end of the training was emphasized also that the technical assistance will continue, so the NGOs will have the possibility to forward questions through electronic communication related to the eventual uncertain that may have till the closure of the call for proposal.

Fier, 29 Janar 2013

Shkodër, 31 Janar 2013

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff