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Meeting of US Ambassador Mr. A. Arvizu with Executive Director of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society Mr. Rudi Bobrati

Tirana, 14 February 2013

Today the US Ambassador to Tirana, Mr. Alexander Arvizu paid a visit to the Agency for the Support of Civil Society. Ambassador Arvizu accompanied by Political Officer at the US Embassy, Mr. Jay Porter were briefly informed by the Executive Director of ASCS, Rudi Bobrati on the activities of the Agency, which is presently in the process of receiving applications for the fourth call for proposals, something which the Agency has been doing for about three years now, in support of Albanian Civil Society.

Furthermore Mr. Bobrati indicated that the current call for proposals was proceeded for the first time, by training sessions realized by the Agency, with interested CSO's on how to fill application forms. Mr. Bobrati underlined that through this cycle of trainings CSO’s either being from remote areas of the North or the South of the country had the opportunity to receive clear guidelines on how to successfully complete applications.

As part of ambitious engagements of ASCS, Mr. Bobrati pointed out the production of a Documentary film entitled “For a vibrant Civil Society” produced by the Agency, whereby a selection of supported projects from the ASCS are presented in this product.

Mr. Bobrati paid compliments to the initiative launched in June 2012 by the US Embassy in Tirana, namely the project Albanians Coming Together (ACT): “ACT Now" which is very attractive and encouraging for the Albanian Civil Society. Distinguished guests from the US Embassy in Tirana in particular requested the establishment of concrete cooperation between ASCS with ACT NOW movement, which was willingly accepted by the Executive Director of the Agency.

Mr. Bobrati also underlined the challenges that ASCS is facing, in particular in launching the initiative on Philanthropy and Volunteerism for which advises or potential technical assistance from US government projects would be highly appreciated.

At the end Ambassador Arvizu, expressed his appreciation to the Role ASCS is playing in supporting Albanian Civil Society.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff