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Meeting At The Presidential Offices With The First Lady

Tirana, 20 February 2013

Today, the First Lady of the country, Odeta Nishani, held a meeting at the Presidential Offices with the Executive Director of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society, Rudi Bobrati.

Mr. Bobrati, after thanking Mrs. Nishani for her kind invitation, made a presentation on the function and activity of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society, focusing more broadly on the main activities carried out recently by this Agency, such as the production of a documentary film titled: "For a Vibrant Civil Society", with excerpts from projects supported financially by the ASCS and the training cycle with interested NGOs from all over the country, on completing the application form, in the context of the Fourth call for proposals, recently launched by the ASCS.

On her side, Mrs. Nishani introduced the Executive Director of the ASCS with the initiative taken by her, on announcing last Saturday of every month as "Voluntary Clean Day". Among other things, Mrs. Nishani said more must be done to raise the awareness of all citizens, especially young people, with a sense of care for the environment, by taking effective actions to preserve and protect it. All this also in her capacity as Honorary President of Albanian Corps Volunteers.

Present in the meeting was also the Adviser to the President of the Republic, Ms. Manuela Murthi. The interlocutors also discussed about ways and possibilities of future cooperation between Albanian Volunteer Corps and the ASCS.

In the end, the First Lady of the country expressed her appreciation of the work of the Agency for Support of Civil Society in assisting the strengthening of the Third Sector in Albania.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff