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Head of Democratization Department of the OSCE, Ms. Claudia Vollmer visits ASCS

27 February 2013

In the wake of current cooperation, today, the Executive Director Mr. Bobrati accompanied by the Head of the Department for Development of Programs, International Cooperation and Communication Mr. Isaac Bilalli, received the new Head for Democratization Department of the OSCE Mission in Tirana, Ms. Claudia Vollmer.

Ms. Vollmer, accompanied by officials of the Department, Dr. Alenka Verbole, Elvana Lulo and Anila Harapi, was closely acquainted with specific performance and current activities of the Agency and also with the challenges facing the institution. Mr. Bobrati briefly mentioned the achievements of the Agency so far and in particular pointed out the recent activities that brought the realization of Civil Society Organizations (SCOs) training cycle and the production of documentary film with excerpts from completed projects, entitled "For a vibrant Civil Society".

Another point of discussion was the need for a more active interaction with the local government in building the capacity of civil society, for which he said the agency is willing to take a more active role, all in the service of strengthening the capacity of CSOs through the municipalities and communes.

In particular, modalities based on mutual interaction were discussed in the OSCE and ASCS assistance may provide to the CSO sector, in regard to their capacity building, especially to those whose scope of activity is in rural areas. It was also discussed about the exploration of a formula which would make it possible a concrete initiative in order to enable capacity building of CSOs in Albania.

A special emphasis was placed to the need of increasing the mechanisms that promote transparency. Mrs. Vollmer pointed out that the issues and challenges presented would be in her agenda and her commitment and that of her department will not lack in regard to the establishment of as substantial and concrete cooperation, with the aim of assisting the Albanian civil society.

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