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High-level meeting with the Representatives of the European Union Delegation to Albania

Tirana, 11 June 2014

Representatives of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS) attended, today, a high –level meeting with the representatives of the European Union Delegation to Albania.

The Executive Director of the ASCS, Mr. Andi Kananaj, was accompanied by the Supervisory Board member Mr. Ismail Ademi and the Head of the Sector for the Development of Projects Mr. Elsi Rizvanolli. The EU delegation was represented by the Director of Operations of the EU Delegation in Tirana, Mr. Yngve Engstroem, the Director of the Operations at the First Section of the EU delegation in Tirana, Mr. Klaus Lech, and the Program Manager for Civil Society and Humman Rights, Mr. Stefano Calabretta.

During this meeting, the newly nominated Executive Director of the ASCS presented the activity of the Agency, the priorities of the Call No. 5 for application with Project-Proposals and the immediate challenges it faces with. The representatives of the Agency, also, presented the short-term priorities and strategic points on which the long term work of the Agency, under the new leadership, will be based on. The representatives of the Delegation showed interest in terms of the capacities, competencies and standards of the ASCS for the disbursement of funds, being a support to Civil Society in Albania.

Within this scope, it was decided that another meeting be held, where the modalities, concerning the help of the EU delegation to ASCS for the improvement of the assessing and monitoring capacities of the projects, would be discussed on, to approximate them to those of European standards. Also, it will be continuously discussed about the possibility of coordinating the work with that of other donors in the country.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff