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Workshop organized by "Barleti - Institute for Research and Development", in cooperation with "Adriapol Institute - Smart and Creative Development"

Tirana, 10 October 2014

The Executive Director of the ASCS, Mr. Andi Kananaj attended, on 10 October 2014, a Workshop organized by "Barleti-Institute for Research and Development" in collaboration with "Adriapol Institute - Smart and Creative Development", in terms of the project "RiSi - Rini-Sipermarrje", a project funded by the Angjenci for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS), under the title "Accessibility of the Legislation and the Political Factor to stimulate new Entrepreneurships, Start up and Spin off".

The organizers valued and thanked the ASCS and its Executive Director for the financial support, to meet project implementation, aiming at creating a generation of young entrepreneurs by strengthening collaborative networking opportunities and a dedicated support at the stages of the concretization of the business idea.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff