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Promoting and Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship: Benefits and Programs

Tirana, 18 November 2014

Youth are at the heart of the society and also at the heart of the challenges society face through on-going urbanization and demographic mix, consumption habits as well as increasing expectations as regards quality of life.

Youth are becoming more and more of a focal point of our society at large, particularly because of on-going unemployment, and other social problems.

Youth entrepreneurship is one of the best approaches to how they can respond to the challenges of urban transformation and constant need for progress.

The activity held today, "Promoting and Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship: Benefits and Programs", was organized in a round table where Adriapol Institute, Marin Barleti University, the Agency for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS) and entrepreneurs have discussed over the importance and benefits by the entrepreneurial activity as well as ongoing and future programs that have the aim of supporting and promoting Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

The aim of the round table was to highlights actions needed, for adopting a cross-sector approach in the existing youth entrepreneurship supporting policies.

The representative of ASCS, Mr. Erion Banushi, Head of "Sector of the Development of Programs, International Cooperation and Communication" highlighted three key moments of ASCS Agency policies:
  1. The objectives of ASCS as a public entity: to help development and sustainability of Civil Society organizations in accordance with government strategies in respective sectors.
  2. Priorities of ASCS: to strength the collaboration with different donors in order to benefit from donors funding programs.
  3. The third one and the most important, in the framework of collaboration with youth and other new initiatives, ASCS has as a priority to support new organization and entrepreneurship to be active as civil society important actors.
The representative of Youth Entrepreneurship, Mr. Idaver Sherifi ( stressed some important factors of the entrepreneurship challenge.

Entrepreneurship itself is a combination of innovative ideas and a hard work, adaptable to the prevailing circumstances in our society.

In order to have a successful entrepreneurship, we must know very well the legislation and the market trends. Establishing network with the other actors operating in the same or similar field is another key of success to prevent overlapping and initiative failure.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff