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Consultative meetings "We share the same vision for the strategic cooperation", in Lezha and Shkodra

5 - 6 November 2014

Aiming the initiation and development of a fruitful and successful cooperation between ASCS and the civil society, the ASCS organized the final cycle of consultative meetings on 5th and 6th November 2014, respectively in Lezha and Shkodra cities under the motto:

"We share the same vision for the strategic cooperation"

In these meeting, it was noticed a very good participation of the representatives of the NGOs representing different group ages and interests, but what was the most important, it was the fact that the participants were the representatives of the young generation and of the groups of community with social problems.

The participants, through a questioner previously distributed and through an open dialogue, expressed their very valuable ideas and suggestions related to the difficulties they face with in their every day activity and also about the fields where the financial support, given by the ASCS should be focus on, in order to help them realize their mission.

We consider this fact and think that their ideas and suggestions will be included in our work on drafting the work plan of ASCS for 2015, and also on drafting the short-term and long-term strategy of ASCS, to strongly support the civil society for their civil initiatives to the benefit of the community.

Some ideas and suggestions that came out of the discussions were:
  1. Need for concrete assistance mainly for the poor strata of society;
  2. Support for people with disabilities;
  3. Financial support, specifically, for children with disabilities, as well as their integration into society;
  4. Creating professional staffs who will deal directly with persons with disabilities of various natures;
  5. Training of, not only the staffs who deal with persons with disabilities, but also of their families, who are related directly to that category in need;
  6. Professional training of the young people and women of poor families;
  7. Support for Roma, as well as protection of their rights;
  8. Financial support for their education;
  9. Much more interest must be shown on Roma culture, their integration into society;
  10. Direct support for social services;
  11. Financial support for providing education to orphans;
  12. Training of the widow women, aiming their employment and the creation of economic independence;
  13. Youth employment;
  14. Capacity building for the grassroots organizations;
  15. One of the participants expressed himself positive on the creation of a National Council for the civil society;
  16. Facilitation why not tax removal for NGOs;
  17. Encourage volunteerism; and evaluating it by incentive awards

During the consultative meeting in Lezha

During the consultative meeting in Lezha

During the consultative meeting in Shkodra

During the consultative meeting in Shkodra

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff