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ASCS participates at TACSO Regional Conference in Belgrade, Serbia: “Monitoring of the EU Guidelines-year 1”

Belgrade (Serbia), 28 – 30 April 2015

Executive Director of ASCS, Mr. Andi Kananaj together with a member staf Mr. Erion Banushi participated in the regional conference, in Belgrade, organized by The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisation (TACSO), under the topic “Monitoring of the EU Guidelines for the Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement Countries 2014-2020 – year 1”.

The aim of the conference was to continuously contribute to guiding the processes along the desired changes across the countries set in and by the ‘Guidelines for EU support to civil society in the enlargement countries, 2014-2020. These Guidelines are considered as a ‘tolerant policy document’ which aim to serve as the key monitoring, reporting and programming European Union document for matters related to the civil society organisations (CSOs).

The EU Guidelines, they discussed about, look into the issues related to: better legal environment for functioning of CSOs, improvement of mechanisms and structures needed for dialogue and consultations between governments and CSOs, improvements of capacities of the CSOs so they are more transparent, accountable, mission driven, respected by and visible to their communities, and sustainable in terms of their finances and human resources.
Progressing along the objectives set by the EU Guidelines will enable and create stronger and more vibrant civil society that will contribute to further enhancement of pluralism and democratisation of societies.

During the Conference the participants had the opportunity to also discuss possible inputs for the country Progress Report 2015 regarding the findings for 2015 against the EU Guidelines. They discussed and reviewed various mechanisms and methods which will allow the organization of the national participatory monitoring systems of the EU Guidelines.

The conference was attended by relevant representatives from public institutions and CSOs from the Western Balkans and Turkey as well as representatives from EU institutions.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff