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Media and Public Relations for CSOs

Pogradec, 2 - 4 June 2015

From 2 to 4 June, 2015, two representatives of the Agency for the Support of the Civil Society participated in a three days training on “Media and Public Relations for CSOs”, organized by TACSO Albania Office, in Pogradec.

The participants stressed that although there is an increased awareness on the cooperation between CSOs and media outlets, this need for cooperation between them is still crucial to ensure the visibility of their operations as well as a better outreach of the main stakeholders who contribute to the achievement of their missions.

During these three days training, the representatives of CSOs discussed on how third sector organizations should use media as a powerful instrument in supporting their advocacy and lobbying campaigns, or highlighting their major achievements to the public.

Some of the main topics were:
  • Public Relations, Importance of public relations for an organization;
  • Developing a communication strategy and supplementary strategies for a CSO;
  • Communication tools, preparation of press-releases, press conference, broadcast releases, newsletters, annual reports;
  • Communication techniques, media and TV interviews;
  • Crisis management and communication during crisis;
  • Social media, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pininterets, YouTubeu, using social media for meeting organization’s goals;

There were also clarified some difficulties that CSOs face during their daily work, mostly related to preparation of communication tools (press releases, press conferences, newsletters, etc) and on how to handle effectively communication techniques.

A special moment, in this training, was the process of interviewing all the participants in the presence of the television camera, where the interviewee responded to all the journalist’s questions, by presenting the achievements of their organizations, managing successfully the emotions caused by the presence of the camera, as well.

It was also pointed out that social media represent another challenge for CSOs to effectively send their message across to the public.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff