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Conference: "Culturally different … diversely able - Access to Rights and Services and Anti-discrimination – the Disability Perspective"

Tirana, 11 - 12 June 2015

On 11 and 12 May 2015, at “Tirana International” Hotel, two representatives of the Agency for the Support of Civil Society participated in a conference organized by TACSO Office, Albania.

The conference was also attended by the representatives of the Governments, specifically Mrs. Bardhylka Kospiri, Deputy-Minister of Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Mrs. Nora Malaj, Deputy- Minister of Ministry of Education and Sport, a Representative from EU office in Tirana and CSOs’ representatives from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This event was opened by Mr. Genci Pasko, Resident Adviser at TACSO Albania, who pointed out that this conference aims at raising the awareness of CSOs, supporting the disabled people based on EU and international standards with regard to anti-discrimination and access to rights and social services. It also intends to contribute to government’s policies regarding the mainstream accessibility for disability in educational/cultural and other public institutions.

The Representatives from each of the countries of the Western Balkan presented their experiences based on the activities and on the perspective of their governmental institutions as well as CSOs’ concerns.

The participants in the conference exchanged the experiences among CSOs, specifically between those dealing with blind and deaf people from Albania and the region, focusing on building and implementing an inclusive European educational policy as well as promoting an antidiscrimination climate for them in the Balkan countries.

The event was regarded as follow up to "Joint Conference on Fundamental Rights, Non-Discrimination and Protection of Vulnerable Groups, including LGBTI" held in Tirana, last November.

It is backing up the P2P online consultation, where Fundamental rights, especially Rights of Vulnerable groups, Anti-discrimination and Access to Education/Services are considered as some of the most interesting thematic topics proposed by CSOs.

The second day of this event was concluded by a lot of activities organized by the Institute of the Blind and a visit to the Castle of Kruja.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff