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Open meeting to establish cooperation between the ASCS, the Municipality of Tirana and civil society organizations

Tirana, 31 August 2015

On 31 August 2015, in the premises of the Municipality of Tirana was held an open meeting, organized by the Agency for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS), with the participation of the mayor, representatives of the ASCS and representatives of about 80 NGOs, mainly active in promoting youth, environment, people in need and to promote volunteering and work through their networks of volunteers.

The meeting, which is an initiative of the ASCS to promote civil society organizations to become active in decision-making initiatives of local government authorities, is only the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the ASCS, the Municipality of Tirana and representatives of civil society, which was confirmed by Mayor Mr. Erion Veliaj.

Meetings of this kind, aim to create a new model of government and decision-making that relies and represent the position and interests of civil society organizations, in the municipality of Tirana, will be included in the government program of the municipality and will be held periodically.

An important point that was discussed in the meeting was to promote voluntary and to remove from the mentality that obstruct the development of civil society organizations to be more active in the involvement of young people to volunteering and the implementation of their mission and civic initiatives for this purpose. More specifically, all organizations were invited to become part of the municipality action to clean Tirana on 4 September as well as a continuous contribute to the action against pollution of the territory in order to have concrete results, tangible and sustainable.

Many of the members of the participating organizations in the meeting, appreciated the important initiative taken by the Mayor, Mr. Erion Veliaj to clean the city on 4 September 2015, thereby confirming their civic engagement.

The mayor stressed that such meetings will continue in the coming months by making them periodically in order to establish benchmarks for sustainable cooperation between institutions and civil society and further enhancing cooperation between them.

At the end of the meeting, ASCS invites all interested persons to follow the future activities of the agency, and to submit their ideas and suggestions, so that this cooperation will be more fruitful.

E-mail service for the ASCS's staff